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Accepting New Patients via Telemedicine


Medical and Mental health diagnostic services and medical management for kids, teens, and young adults.

Working with you toward happy, healthy, and high functioning.

More joy. Less stress.

Accepting New Patients
In Person and telemedicine visits


"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." – Ryunosuke Satoro

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Evaluate patient goals

In the first visit we will begin to discuss some of the following ideas. What does the patient want to see happen? What is getting in the way? What feels bad? Sometimes these questions can’t be answered right away, and that is ok, too.

Collect information for diagnosis

During the visit I will need to learn about the patient so I can figure out how to help. Usually this means answering questions by talking or on paper.

Discuss therapeutic options

There are many things that can help when we have big feelings or are having a hard time doing regular stuff. Together we will talk about what might help the patient feel better which may include counseling, diet, integrative medicine and/or medications.

Review outcome measurement

At the end of the visit we will decide how we will know what we have decided on is working.

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In the case that medications are needed, prescriptions will be provided following full counseling which will include how the medication works and side effects that may be experienced.  Monitoring of physical health including vital signs, growth and interpretation of labwork is provided as a part of medical management.


Care coordination services are available for patients with complex mental health diagnoses. Care coordination includes monitoring for medication side effects and growth and development. Additional care coordination services include communicating to schools or other care providers when desired.

Ketamine Therapy Services

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that has shown significant promise for use in emotional health, especially depression, suicidality, and trauma (PTSD and developmental trauma). My practice offers evaluation to determine if ketamine therapy is medically safe for clients, and prescriptions for ketamine to be used in combination with psychotherapy.

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